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Alcohol Rehab

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Alcohol Addiction Center Baltimore helps people take back their lives from the clutches of drug and alcohol addiction. Regardless of age or background, recovery from drug and alcohol addiction is always possible. Alcohol and drug abuse makes people feel marooned on an island of despair, with no way to ask for help, and no one to come to their rescue. Fear and shame keep them silent, and the bubble of negative emotions makes recovery more complex. Now is the time to stop the cycle of addiction! Alcohol Treatment Centers Maryland knows that recovery is possible, and everyone has the power to fight their addiction and change their life. To speak with an addiction specialist, call 667 401-0963 today!

Dangers of Alcoholism and Alcohol Dependency

Alcohol causes many physical problems and diseases, and also plays a complex role in psychological health. Perhaps the best known consequence of alcohol abuse is damage to the liver, such as steatosis (fatty liver), alcoholic hepatitis (liver irritation), fibrosis (formation of excessive tissue within the liver), and cirrhosis (hardening). A poorly-functioning liver usually leads to a slow and painful death, since the liver is responsible for removing pollutants from the body. Many other organs are in danger, including the pancreas, which manufactures poisonous toxins in the presence of alcohol, leading to pancreatitis. Many types of cancer can result from alcohol use, such as cancer of the mouth, esophagus, throat, liver, and breasts. Furthermore, drinking – even excessive drinking on a single occasion – weakens the immune system and makes uses more likely to catch illnesses like the flu or pneumonia. Heart damage, like stretching of the heart and irregular heartbeat, and stroke are very common health problems faced by alcoholics and alcohol abusers.

Alcohol causes a variety of negative side effects in the body and the brain. Even occasional binge drinking has unwanted side effects, such as:

  • diminished inhibitions
  • motor impairment
  • confusion
  • coma
  • breathing complications
  • death

People that habitually misuse alcohol often suffer from emotional problems and other mental problems, too. Because alcohol use disorders is known to accompany other mental issues, Alcohol rehab Treatment provides treatment for general mental well being. The results of alcohol use disorders include the increased risk of:

  • car injuries
  • violent and risky behavior
  • suicide
  • homicide

Custom-Designed Treatment Plans

Everybody is unique, and rehabilitation needs are too. At Alcohol Addiction Center Baltimore, rehabilitation programs may be completed in one, two, or three months, depending on the patient’s particular circumstances. All programs are both affordable and effective. It’s occasionally possible to reach long term sobriety in a one month program, but research has shown that the longer treatment lasts the better chances the addict has of achieving their sobriety goals. At Alcohol Rehab Treatment, each patient’s individual circumstances is evaluated during the intake process, and the most productive and most beneficial course of therapy is mapped out. Not only do they offer individualized rehab plans at affordable outpatient prices, but their programs include the same twenty-four hour monitored care you usually only find in high quality, inpatient facilities.

How Alcohol Treatment Center Baltimore, MD Helps

Depending on the acuteness of the alcohol use disorder, detoxification may be necessary prior to rehabilitation. Detoxing without medical assistance is extremely dangerous for severe alcoholics, and can even be lethal. Consequences of alcohol withdrawal often range from moderate to very serious, such as:

  • convulsions
  • anxiety
  • headache
  • nausea
  • trouble sleeping
  • rapid heart rate
  • enlarged pupils
  • hallucinations
  • black outs

With the assistance of Drug Center Services accomplished medical personnel, alcoholics can detoxify in a controlled setting. Detoxification is an important first step in the rehabilitation process that allows the addict to withdraw from their substance of abuse, but it’s only the first step. Treatment, or rehabilitation, is the only way that an addict can really recover from an alcohol use disorder. Contact Alcohol Addiction Center Baltimore’s alcoholism recovery specialists at 667-401-0963 for more information about alcohol use disorders, locations of rehab centers, or for advice about coping with substance abuse.